Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Talking Dirty: How Toilet Tourism Can Change the World

Good toilets can change the world. Bad or non-existent ones can hurt a destination’s tourism prospects. Travel industry futurists, MyTravelResearch.com believe public toilet cubicles with the right kind of see-through walls can be a good thing. Well at least sometimes. A pop up example was unveiled recently in Sydney. When you enter the cubicle you [...]

Local Businesses Need to Keep it Local, Online and Mobile to Attract Tourism Dollars

Travel industry futurist, Bronwyn White, the co-founder of MyTravelResearch.com, says that in an age when tourists want local and ‘authentic’ experiences, businesses need to embrace smartphone search basics. IT’S time for destination marketing to go local and mobile. There’s no need to go and create new tourism products or services, trails or campaigns. Why? Because [...]