Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Talking Dirty: How Toilet Tourism Can Change the World

Good toilets can change the world. Bad or non-existent ones can hurt a destination’s tourism prospects. Travel industry futurists, MyTravelResearch.com believe public toilet cubicles with the right kind of see-through walls can be a good thing. Well at least sometimes. A pop up example was unveiled recently in Sydney. When you enter the cubicle you [...]

Is the ‘Occupy’ Movement Changing Luxury Travel?

Increasing inequality in wealth is one of the factors changing the nature of luxury travel. Social and political forces such as the Occupy Movement and government austerity cuts are driving some of the rich to spend their wealth more privately. The same forces have also encouraged the rise in socially responsible luxury travel activities. The [...]

MyTravelResearch.com and Luxperience Enter Partnership

New, in-depth report on luxury travel trends will be published end of year MyTravelResearch.com and Luxperience have created a strategic partnership to uncover the latest trends, opportunities and challenges facing the luxury travel industry. Preliminary findings from the initiative, which will have an Asia Pacific focus, will be presented at the Luxperience Thought Leaders’ Forum [...]