Sunday, March 26th, 2017

MTR Launches International Toilet Tourism Awards

Ahead of UN International Toilet Day on 19 November, announces the “Toilet Tourism Awards” to highlight the close link between toilets and successful tourism will launch the “Toilet Tourism Awards” on 19 November, UN World Toilet Day. The aim of the awards is to show the link between adequate provision of good [...]

Report: Accessible Tourism – Huge Potential for More Growth

Accessible travel is perhaps the travel industry’s greatest untapped opportunity. There are millions of people worldwide looking for accessible travel options. The demand will continue to grow due to demographic aging. has released a new and free insight report on accessible travel, which is also known as inclusive travel, disability travel, barrier-free travel, and [...]

Nine Travel Trends Among High Net Worth Individuals

A NEW insight report on the luxury travel sector is available from for free. The report, a 12-page extract entitled Luxury Travel and the Visitor Economy: Key Insights and Trends, is a jointly branded study by, with support from Luxperience and Executive PA magazine. The report author, Carolyn Childs, co-founder of, revealed [...]

Travel DMOs Need to Go into Marketing Rehab

It’s time for destination marketing organisations to forget their old habits and hits and get high on new evidence-based marketing instead, said at its inaugural ‘Tourism Marketing Rock Star Convention’ Destination marketing organisations (DMOs) and tourism businesses need to perform like rock stars after rehab: focus on the customer and draw out from within [...]

Talking Dirty: How Toilet Tourism Can Change the World

Good toilets can change the world. Bad or non-existent ones can hurt a destination’s tourism prospects. Travel industry futurists, believe public toilet cubicles with the right kind of see-through walls can be a good thing. Well at least sometimes. A pop up example was unveiled recently in Sydney. When you enter the cubicle you [...]

‘Rock Star’ Convention Announced for Tourism Marketers will run the inaugural one-day ‘Rock Star Convention’ for tourism marketers on Wednesday 17 August in Sydney. The event will be led by tourism marketing divas Bronwyn White and Carolyn Childs. The event has been designed for leaders and managers of DMOs such as town, city and state tourism promotion boards, bureaus and visitor [...]

Let Young People’s Ideas in Tourism Research and Marketing Grow

Bronwyn White of reflects on the Travel and Tourism Research Association Annual International Conference that concluded in Vail, Colorado last week What three insights were your key takeaways from the conference? The digital landscape means there is no excuse for DMOs (Destination Marketing Organisations) marketing blindly without an evidence base. Many problems and opportunities [...]

Dark Tourism Comes Out of the Shadows

Dark Tourism is throwing a new light on grim, sinister and sombre places around the world. Pablo Escobar’s Medellin, the Killing Fields of Cambodia, Auschwitz, Jack the Ripper’s back streets of London, the slavery and apartheid jail cells in Africa, all now attract visitors from afar. Dark Tourism is defined as any travel associated with [...]

Grasp the Digital Nettle: Website ROI in Tourism Marketing

While website metrics are not perfect, don’t rely on ‘hope’ marketing, especially in the digital age, says the digital marketing guru of THERE are two camps in travel and tourism: those who spend and don’t measure, hoping it will go well and those who have the metrics in place, but don’t do anything with [...]

Local Businesses Need to Keep it Local, Online and Mobile to Attract Tourism Dollars

Travel industry futurist, Bronwyn White, the co-founder of, says that in an age when tourists want local and ‘authentic’ experiences, businesses need to embrace smartphone search basics. IT’S time for destination marketing to go local and mobile. There’s no need to go and create new tourism products or services, trails or campaigns. Why? Because [...]

Content, Brand and Mobile: The Destination Revolution is Now

The internet is the new Industrial Revolution. Make it work for you with this three-pronged strategy, says Bronwyn White, tourism marketing guru of THE internet is the industrial revolution of our time. And we’re still at the beginning of that wondrous upheaval. Because we are at the beginning, unprecedented opportunities for big and small [...]

Technology Lets Tourists ‘Go Local’ with Micromoments

Tourism research guru Bronwyn White of shows how micromoments are transforming the tourism experience. Destination marketers need to be across this. Airbnb and Google are there already. I was delighted a few weeks ago when I saw that Airbnb had created a new product off the back of Google market research around micromoments and [...]

How Hotels Can Surprise and Delight on a Budget

I travelled all the way from Australia to Los Angeles recently for work and pleasure mixed together. As a travel industry professional, I get to experience travel and tourism product from across the spectrum, from budget to deluxe. It is the mid-range 2 to 3 star hotels and motels I find the most uninspiring and [...]

The Importance of the ‘Magician’ PCO in Landing New MICE Business

If destinations, hotels and venues target the client’s professional conference organiser (PCO) in the pitching process, lucrative MICE business will follow, says Carolyn Childs, co-founder, Not winning as much meetings, incentives, conferences and events (MICE) business as you would like? If that’s the case, you need to better understand your MICE customer – and [...]

Tips from Tourism Australia’s Digital Marketing Guru

Carolyn Childs of finds out from Tourism Australia’s acclaimed Global Manager, Social & Content, Jesse Desjardins, that trust, authenticity and consumer content is king in modern destination marketing. In an interview with Carolyn Childs of, Jesse Desjardins, the Global Manager, Social & Content for Tourism Australia argues that the shrimp on the barbie [...]

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