Monday, February 19th, 2018

Tourism Businesses Need to Get On Board the Voice Search Revolution

Story at a Glance for Journalists Who should pay attention to this? Everyone involved in tourism marketing What is the story? Tourism businesses need to grasp and understand voice search online to get their fair share Where? Anywhere people planning trips have mobile phones Why? 60% of people using mobile devices prefer voice search when [...]

It’s 2017 And This Is Why It’s Time for Your Online Tourism Marketing to Get Real

Destinations, hotels and tourism businesses should seize the opportunities of digital democracy created by the semantic search revolution that has only just begun, says Bronwyn White, co-founder of, which is launching a free webinar series for tourism marketers WHEN Google switched its algorithm to semantic search in 2013 it began to clear away dodgy [...]

Technology Lets Tourists ‘Go Local’ with Micromoments

Tourism research guru Bronwyn White of shows how micromoments are transforming the tourism experience. Destination marketers need to be across this. Airbnb and Google are there already. I was delighted a few weeks ago when I saw that Airbnb had created a new product off the back of Google market research around micromoments and [...]

MTR: Google Liberates Google Maps

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION Sydney, 21 August 2014 hails boost for tourism marketers as anyone can now place the red pins on Google Maps In a new move announced by Google, anybody can now add tourism businesses and places of interest as pins and markers on Google Maps. Previously, you needed to be [...]

Facebook Money-Grab Will Boost Rise in ‘Owned’ Online Media in Travel Industry

OPINION PIECE FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION Sydney, 12 May 2014 Travel industry marketers need to be aware of the alarming changes underway at Facebook as it limits organic distribution in favour of paid-for posts Due to changes at Facebook, less than 4% of your company’s fans are now likely to see your company’s news and updates [...]