Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Nine Travel Trends Among High Net Worth Individuals

A NEW insight report on the luxury travel sector is available from for free. The report, a 12-page extract entitled Luxury Travel and the Visitor Economy: Key Insights and Trends, is a jointly branded study by, with support from Luxperience and Executive PA magazine. The report author, Carolyn Childs, co-founder of, revealed [...]

‘Rock Star’ Convention Announced for Tourism Marketers will run the inaugural one-day ‘Rock Star Convention’ for tourism marketers on Wednesday 17 August in Sydney. The event will be led by tourism marketing divas Bronwyn White and Carolyn Childs. The event has been designed for leaders and managers of DMOs such as town, city and state tourism promotion boards, bureaus and visitor [...]

Dark Tourism Comes Out of the Shadows

Dark Tourism is throwing a new light on grim, sinister and sombre places around the world. Pablo Escobar’s Medellin, the Killing Fields of Cambodia, Auschwitz, Jack the Ripper’s back streets of London, the slavery and apartheid jail cells in Africa, all now attract visitors from afar. Dark Tourism is defined as any travel associated with [...]

Luxury Travel: The Powerful Role of the Executive Personal Assistant Revealed

A uniquely holistic study by MyTravelResearch, Luxperience and Executive PA magazine has been expanded to include the role of personal and executive assistants in the luxury travel decision-making process SYDNEY — In-depth research into the luxury travel sector that was started in 2015 has been expanded so that travel buyers and suppliers can better understand [...]

The Importance of the ‘Magician’ PCO in Landing New MICE Business

If destinations, hotels and venues target the client’s professional conference organiser (PCO) in the pitching process, lucrative MICE business will follow, says Carolyn Childs, co-founder, Not winning as much meetings, incentives, conferences and events (MICE) business as you would like? If that’s the case, you need to better understand your MICE customer – and [...]

Tips from Tourism Australia’s Digital Marketing Guru

Carolyn Childs of finds out from Tourism Australia’s acclaimed Global Manager, Social & Content, Jesse Desjardins, that trust, authenticity and consumer content is king in modern destination marketing. In an interview with Carolyn Childs of, Jesse Desjardins, the Global Manager, Social & Content for Tourism Australia argues that the shrimp on the barbie [...]

Is the ‘Occupy’ Movement Changing Luxury Travel?

Increasing inequality in wealth is one of the factors changing the nature of luxury travel. Social and political forces such as the Occupy Movement and government austerity cuts are driving some of the rich to spend their wealth more privately. The same forces have also encouraged the rise in socially responsible luxury travel activities. The [...] and Luxperience Enter Partnership

New, in-depth report on luxury travel trends will be published end of year and Luxperience have created a strategic partnership to uncover the latest trends, opportunities and challenges facing the luxury travel industry. Preliminary findings from the initiative, which will have an Asia Pacific focus, will be presented at the Luxperience Thought Leaders’ Forum [...]

Tourism Marketers Need to Better Understand Gen Z Consumers

MEDIA INSIGHT FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION Sydney, 17 June 2015 Travel and tourism entities need to adapt to the expectations of Gen Z – consumers in their teens – because Gen Z is unlike previous generations. According to Carolyn Childs, co-founder of, Gen Z members are 100% digital natives, born after 1995, who have grown [...]

Shallow and Deep Cultural Tourists Welcome

TRAVEL INDUSTRY INSIGHT FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION Sydney, 14 May 2015 Whether you’re a studious and ‘deep’ cultural tourist or incidental and ‘shallow’, your willingness to explore local culture on holiday makes you a prized asset to the tourism industry, says Carolyn Childs, co-founder, Heritage and culture is everywhere. Even going to Starbucks or riding [...]

How to Engage with India’s Tech-Savvy Travellers

TRAVEL INDUSTRY INSIGHT FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION Sydney, 17 February 2015 Responsive mobile-ready websites are vital for a country where all age groups don’t bat an eyelid using smartphones to research and book travel, says Carolyn Childs, co-founder, During Australia Business Week in India in January our delegation couldn’t help but notice Indians’ tech-savviness. India [...]

The Five Elephants in India’s Tourism Closet

TRAVEL INDUSTRY OPINION FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION Sydney, 11 February 2015 India needs to address five barriers to boost its international visitor arrivals, says Carolyn Childs, co-founder, Promoting India is as much about clearing barriers as it is about inspiring people. So for India to maximise the benefits of tourism, it needs to deal with [...]

How India’s Tourism Could Be Increasingly Incredible

TRAVEL INDUSTRY OPINION FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION Sydney, 4 February 2015 No longer a slumbering giant, Incredible India is thoughtfully attracting varied tourism markets with an increasingly sophisticated marketing strategy. But the time is right to take the marketing to the next level, says Carolyn Childs, co-founder, Since returning from Australia Business Week in India [...]

VFR Travel from India: A Moveable Feast for Australia

TRAVEL INDUSTRY OPINION FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION Sydney, 29 January 2015 India and Australia share many things including the same national day (26th January). As we head back from the holidays, discussions round the barbecue focused on the many reasons why Australia should encourage more friends and family visits (VFR travel) from India By Carolyn [...]

Practical Tips: How to Promote Australia to Indian Tourists

TRAVEL INDUSTRY OPINION FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION Sydney, 23 January 2015 By Carolyn Childs, co-founder of I’m a travel industry professional. I have just returned from the exciting and exhausting Australia Business Week in India. While in Mumbai and Delhi a few days ago I wrote about the huge potential that India’s travelling middle class [...]

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