Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

‘Rock Star’ Convention Announced for Tourism Marketers will run the inaugural one-day ‘Rock Star Convention’ for tourism marketers on Wednesday 17 August in Sydney. The event will be led by tourism marketing divas Bronwyn White and Carolyn Childs. The event has been designed for leaders and managers of DMOs such as town, city and state tourism promotion boards, bureaus and visitor [...]

Let Young People’s Ideas in Tourism Research and Marketing Grow

Bronwyn White of reflects on the Travel and Tourism Research Association Annual International Conference that concluded in Vail, Colorado last week What three insights were your key takeaways from the conference? The digital landscape means there is no excuse for DMOs (Destination Marketing Organisations) marketing blindly without an evidence base. Many problems and opportunities [...]

Grasp the Digital Nettle: Website ROI in Tourism Marketing

While website metrics are not perfect, don’t rely on ‘hope’ marketing, especially in the digital age, says the digital marketing guru of THERE are two camps in travel and tourism: those who spend and don’t measure, hoping it will go well and those who have the metrics in place, but don’t do anything with [...]

Local Businesses Need to Keep it Local, Online and Mobile to Attract Tourism Dollars

Travel industry futurist, Bronwyn White, the co-founder of, says that in an age when tourists want local and ‘authentic’ experiences, businesses need to embrace smartphone search basics. IT’S time for destination marketing to go local and mobile. There’s no need to go and create new tourism products or services, trails or campaigns. Why? Because [...]

Content, Brand and Mobile: The Destination Revolution is Now

The internet is the new Industrial Revolution. Make it work for you with this three-pronged strategy, says Bronwyn White, tourism marketing guru of THE internet is the industrial revolution of our time. And we’re still at the beginning of that wondrous upheaval. Because we are at the beginning, unprecedented opportunities for big and small [...]

Technology Lets Tourists ‘Go Local’ with Micromoments

Tourism research guru Bronwyn White of shows how micromoments are transforming the tourism experience. Destination marketers need to be across this. Airbnb and Google are there already. I was delighted a few weeks ago when I saw that Airbnb had created a new product off the back of Google market research around micromoments and [...]

How Hotels Can Surprise and Delight on a Budget

I travelled all the way from Australia to Los Angeles recently for work and pleasure mixed together. As a travel industry professional, I get to experience travel and tourism product from across the spectrum, from budget to deluxe. It is the mid-range 2 to 3 star hotels and motels I find the most uninspiring and [...]

Three Tourism Marketing Insights to Increase Visitation

Bronwyn White, co-founder of says that when destination marketers go online, they should go back to the future. Today we go retro to go forward. The tourism marketing landscape has changed. But did you know that old school marketing is still going to give your money and time the best ROI? Here are three [...]

Make Five Tourism Marketing Resolutions for 2015

TRAVEL INDUSTRY OPINION FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION Sydney, 19 December 2014 Bronwyn White, co-founder of, a tourism research and marketing consultancy, says tourism marketers should resolve to adopt five marketing practices if they want to achieve digital breakthrough in 2015. Mobile digital technology and apps have led to a crowd-sourced democratisation of the web where [...]

MTR: Semantic Search Has Transformed Tourism Marketing

TRAVEL INDUSTRY OPINION FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION Sydney, 1 December 2014 Online marketing guru says tourism bodies need to wake up to the new reality Bronwyn White, the Sydney-based co-founder of, will tell the 3rd PATAcademy on the 4th December, in Bangkok, that semantic search has profoundly changed the nature of Internet search for tourism [...]

How To Connect Your Hotel Brand To Your Customers In The World Of Semantic Search

TRAVEL INDUSTRY INSIGHTS FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION Sydney, 17 September 2014 By Bronwyn White, Co-Founder, With the introduction of semantic search at the end of 2013, Google changed the way customers find hotels and services. It changed the information that we receive each time we search. The upshot: the hotel industry needs to profoundly change [...]

Travel Marketeers Losing Millions by Ignoring Data

OPINION PIECE FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION Sydney, 28 March 2014 Opportunities continue to be wasted and tourists are staying away in droves as marketeers, unaware of research available to them, persist in rushing to market with another wobbly wheel. The solution is simple: consider outsourcing your market research. By Bronwyn White, Director, Each year tourism [...]