Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Reach for the ‘Stars’ in Myanmar

Khiri Reach, the charitable arm of Khiri Travel, offers new support to a project near Bagan to save the Burmese Star Tortoise; papier-mâché tortoises to be given out to travel trade at Khiri booth in WTM London Khiri Reach, the charitable arm of Asia-based DMC Khiri Travel, is supporting a conservation effort to save the [...]

New Tours by Khiri Travel Myanmar Show the Different Side of Bagan

Riverboat trip, local cottage industries, markets, a lunch fit for a king, and a temple in a police compound, all part of new ‘away from the crowds’ experiences in Myanmar Khiri Travel Myanmar has announced two new full-day tours: Mandalay to Bagan and Hidden Bagan.  The idea is to get closer to local people and [...]

Khiri Travel Announces Bagan to Mrauk U Trek and Boat Adventure in Myanmar

Three fixed date departures keep costs down for adventurous guests linking two former civilisations in a wonderfully remote corner of Myanmar KHIRI Travel has introduced trips from Bagan to the ancient kingdom of Mrauk U over the Chin Mountains in northwest Myanmar. The seven-day/six-night journey involves four days trekking (about 20km a day), boat trips, [...]

Around the Scenic Ruins, Bagan Villagers Need Water

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION Bangkok, 19 March 2015 Whilst tourists come and go, villagers around the ancient city of Bagan in Myanmar need water wells to combat drought, debt and malnutrition The jewel in Myanmar’s tourism crown is Bagan, an ancient center of power in the central Myanmar arid zone. The city’s power ebbed [...]

New Khiri Tour Links Two Ancient Kingdoms in Myanmar

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION Bangkok, 29 July 2014 A new six-day adventure trip between Bagan and Mrauk U is for travelers who are comfortable with no electricity or phones along the way Khiri Travel Myanmar has launched a unique trip that links the two ancient kingdoms of Bagan and Mrauk U in Myanmar. Khiri [...]