Sunday, February 25th, 2018

So Where Are the Great Aussie Dunnies

The quest to find the best Aussie dunny used by tourists is on. There have been many international entries into the Toilet Tourism Awards, which close 15 June, but only a few from Australia.

Calling for entrants from Australia for the great Toilet Tourism Awards

“C’mon Aussies. Get behind our dunnies and show the world what we can do,” urges Carolyn Childs, co-founder of, which is organizing the toilet tourism awards.
Childs and co-founder Bronwyn White have been arguing for years that good quality public toilets provide a reason for travellers to stop at a destination. Decent toilets contribute directly to the visitor economy. Visitors don’t just stop to go to the loo, they often buy goods at the local shops, eat, drink and in other ways spend money. studies show toilets can directly increase tourist visitation and expenditure for a destination. Local councils, destinations and attractions around Australia should therefore enter their public toilet into the awards if they want to showcase reasons to stop at their destination.
Entrants have a decent chance of winning as the awards are in six categories: Overall Winner, Best Tourism Economic Contributor (for when people stop at a toilet in a destination and stay on to spend more than a penny), Best Location (where the toilets have views and maybe considered an attraction in themselves), Best Design (architectural brilliance in toilets, visual design and creativity), Quirkiest Toilet Experience (relating to local heritage, fun, or otherwise noteworthy), and Best Accessible Toilet. Aussie and international entrants compete together.
The finalists of each category and the winner will be announced 22 June 2017 at the Travel and Tourism Research Association international conference in Quebec, Canada.
Childs and White say there are many examples of upcountry dunnies in Australia that could enter and do well. “These public toilets are often an extension of the local attraction and in some way reflect it. Or they can just be downright quirky,” says Childs.
The overall winner will receive a lot of publicity, a AU$2000 donation contributed to World Toilet Day in their name and a copy of every publication in 2017 (worth AU$8000), and access to tourism research events. Other category winners will receive the same, minus the donation to World Toilet Day. 

“It’s time for the Aussie competitive spirit to make a mark in the world of toilet tourism,” says Childs. “With a dunny award for location, experience, design, quirkiness, accessibility and more, there’s a chance for everyone.”

Entry forms to the Toilet Tourism Awards are available here. created the annual Toilet Tourism Awards to also raise awareness of UN World Toilet Day, which takes place on 19 November each year. The importance of toilets to UNICEF goals can be seen here.

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