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In World Cup and Travel, Emotional Branding Beats Big Bucks

Sydney, 25 June 2014

Carolyn Childs, co-founder of, says big bucks help, but emotional connections always win the day in marketing wars

Hit your target with emotive power

Nike’s ‘The Last Game’ animated World Cup video on YouTube has over five million views. Nike are masters at emotional marketing, says Sydney-based Carolyn Childs, co-founder of, which provides market research and digital marketing to travel brands.

Using assorted examples on her latest blog, “What the Tourism Industry Can Learn from World Cup Superbrands,” she advises travel marketers to do four things: understand your consumers; understand what they are looking for from you at an emotional level; understand how you can deliver to that need in a unique way; and ensure that every consumer touch point such as adverts, websites and social media, embodies that experience in a way that has emotive power and is relevant to your audience.

Childs cites case studies from Australia to China using Nike, Adidas, Qantas and Ansett. She says: “The vast majority of the tourism industry, in comparison to Nike and Adidas, doesn’t have big dollars to spend. It should therefore learn from the Nike case studies and make sure that every dollar spent resonates with the customer.”

Carolyn Childs

She makes one point clear: “Big bucks help, but they aren’t the whole story – it’s about making an emotional connection.”

Read her insights and marketing tips on emotional branding in her World Cup blog here.


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